Artist Statement:

Historically, ceramic objects for food service have played a key role in ceremonies throughout all world cultures. My current body of work focuses on the creation of vessels for use that pertain to a special occasion or ceremonial event. I am interested in the distinct sense of context that an object can convey through its presence in domestic space. My own familial ceremonies are a point of inspiration in my drive to focus on these types of functional forms, and it is my goal as a maker to encourage social engagement through the use of the vessel.

While the objects I create exist in the boundary between functionality and non-functionality, it is my aim to construct works that promote use through an intimate grouping of people that emphasize the serving of nourishment. Do to their fixed composition; engagements with the objects compel proximity. This static position in space encourages social interaction between those seeking to access the works to utilize their domestic functions. Objects are rooted in the environment, and become a central focal point to the communal gathering.

The composition of these works is inspired by simple geometric design influenced from historical stone architecture. Neolithic stone monuments from world cultures have acted as gathering places for ancient communities and historic rituals throughout the development of our species. Those ancient sites and objects serve as a reminder of the importance of community and ceremonial gathering during the evolution of our societies. Still to this day, the stone monuments of old command the space they inhabit, unmovable and textured with the winds of time. My aim is to emulate the presence of volume, mass and surface of those enduring landmarks. To create vessels that lie at the heart of communal gatherings and ceremony, just as ancient altars and monuments have done for eons. My ultimate goal is to build objects that convey a sense of history and community, while also showing evidence of being handmade.